Archeology and Cultural Heritage Studies

Archeology and Cultural Heritage Studies

E M E R I T A  – Archeology and Cultural Heritage Studies

EMERITA, Lda has definitely joined the current trend of creating online publications, with the magazine Archeology and Cultural Heritage Studies taking advantage of the advantages and facilities that this type of dissemination provides to the reader.

The magazine will be published annually and intends to be a vehicle for the dissemination, of results, unpublished, of works, investigations, old or recent, of different nature, carried out, primarily, within the scope of the company’s activity.

This first magazine, which refers to the year 2013, will also be published in print, complete and closed, but in the future, the magazine will be built throughout the year with the progressive insertion of new texts, which will be immediately available for download at from the EMERITA page.

The texts are arranged in chronological order of the versed themes, from the past to the present.

All magazines, for now, were published in portuguese language.